pagpipinta sa pulo – not over

Today I want to talk about something that is a little bit off topic, as it’s not about Samar, but it is still relative. As many of you know, has been reposting the “pagpipinta sa pulo” newsletter of Tara Alverson. Tara, a recent college graduate from California, spent most of this year helping International Care Ministries (ICM) to help the poor in the Philippines. During this time she created a set of artwork, that will be sold during an Art Show in January. The money from 9 of the pieces will be donated to the ICM. Below are some samples of Tara’s artwork, and photos of some of the interesting people she met. You can see more of her artwork, and read the stories of these inspirational filipinos, in her latest newsletter: “pagpapinta sa pulo: it’s not over (PDF file)“.


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  1. sailorjohn
    Jan 09, 2009 @ 15:23:25

    After reading this story, it reminds me of how bad it really is in the Philippines. It is sad in so many ways I can not even begin to list them.

    I have seen many things in the Philippines that upset me greatly. From how the so called rich in the Philippines continue to steal from their own people and fail to do what is right for ALL in the Philippines. I wonder just as many Filipinos do who live in other countries, when will those elected officials wake up and take care of their own people. There is no excuse for these poor people to live this way. NONE.

    The way these poor people survive daily amazes me. Seeing how children in these poor areas of the Philippines have to fight from day one after birth to survive and grow up. So many graves I have seen on Sto Nino of children who never made it past their first birthday just because of simple childhood sicknesses that WE can take care of with the medicines avaiable today. Simple child hood sickness that can be taken care of with a simple shot. So sad and WE call ourselfs human being.

    Why is this I wonder?

    The government of the Philippines needs to do more for the poor Filipinos who live in areas where life is very hard. From medical clinics, hospitals to education and schools. IMHO, I think those officials count on agencies from outside the Philippines to care for these poor people. These agencies can only do so much. It is time for the government of the Philippines to step up and do what it needs to do and that is taken care of their children.


  2. sailorjohn
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 06:30:57

    Even after 24 hours of making my comments above, I am still pissed at the lack of caring the government of the Philippines provides and shows it people.


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