Mail to the Phils

Christmas is almost here, and it’s getting late for sending packages. But I just wanted to share some information that I just recieved.

As many of you already know, the postal system here is not safe! I have heard many stories about people’s letters and packages never making it to their destination. First, and foremost, NEVER SEND CASH! For some reason, some people still send cash to their families in the Philippines. And then they wonder why it didn’t make it. Duh!!!

Sending by a service, such as LBC, FedEx, or UPS is pretty reliable, but it’s expensive. The secret to their success is the tracking system, which discourages theft. You can save money by using the US Postal Service’s Express Mail®, which still has a tracking system. While I have not, yet, had stuff sent to me this way, I have recently gotten good reports from others who have. So, if anyone wants to send me a package, give Express Mail® a try. Here is a link to the USPS Express Mail® tracking website:


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  1. sailorjohn
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 06:40:52


    To tag onto your post.

    Anyone need ing to send money to family members, it’s best to use Western Union or Wal mart. Both are about the same cost and the money is available within a few hours. If it is on the weekend, it may be possible for pick up.

    With either one, you will get a control number that has to be tex’d to the family member who’s name will be on the paper work for Western Union or Wal Mart.

    The family member MUST have an picture ID with them and this control number. Depending on where the family goes to pick up this money depends on what they will have to go through to gt the money.

    We send money to famliy members monthly and have had no problems at all.

    If the family has no cell phone to tex them the control number, invest in one for them.


  2. sailorjohn
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 06:47:04

    We have never sent any letters or packages to family members using any of the above means.

    We have sent Balikbayan boxes via a service here and it took close to 50 days to get to Calbayog City. The cost is $80.00 but you are seding a 3′ x 3′ x 3′ box you can fill up with no weight limit.

    We sent 6 boxes prior to our last trip and all of them got there with little damage to them.

    This service sends them via containers to Manila, then off loads them and then puts them in sacks and plastic ties on all sides. Then by truck to the location.

    Any one in the Seattle area waiting this service information, let me know.


  3. Admin Dale
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 11:46:59

    Thanks for the comments John.

    One question about Wal-Mart, though. Isn’t that still going through Western Union? I know Wal-Mart has their own money orders, but that’s something different. In Northern California you can send Western Union from some of the Grocery Stores. If Wal-Mart is not using Western Union, where does the recipient pick up the money in Calbayog?

    Maybe I will put together a post about different ways of sending money to the Philippines.


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