Towing a Ferry Boat

We took Jeff out to the Island of Almagro for a couple of days. If any of you have been out to the small islands, in the Samar Sea, you already know it is quite an adventure. This time we rode on the ferry boat, locally known as a “pump boat”, called the Queen Aiko. It is a relatively new boat, only 1 year old. But the engine came from the previous Queen Aiko, so it is older. Shortly before we passed the first island, there were some strange noises comming from the engine room. Upon investigation, the crew discovered a transmission problem. We limped along to a village with another pump boat, and asked them for a tow. Here is a picture of the Queen Aiko being towed by the CrisJeff2.

This picture was taken on the CrisJeff2. The pretty lady in the back is my wife.

I know this next picture is a little difficult to see, but it was taken through a glass window, down into the engine room of the CrisJeff2. Most pump boat ferries only have one engine, but the CrisJeff2 has two! That really came in handy for towing the Queen Aiko, as there was still lots of power.


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  1. sailorjohn
    Jan 02, 2009 @ 15:14:57

    I have made many trips from Sto Nino island to Calbayog on the large “pump boats”. I have never heard of them called that before. Just knew them as the ferry boat.

    On a few occasions we have been our way back to Sto Nino and have hit bad weather and the out riggers were bending badly to me. I told my wife if anything happens, find anything that floats.

    Last year, (June 2007) we hit a rain storm going back to the island and the waves/swells was bad. In order for the boat to get to Takut, a barangay on the island, it had to head towards Biliran and once it was within site of the island, the ferry boat turned north and we hit the waves very hard as they came over the bow and then the side of the boat.

    This was no fun time on the boat as even the local Pinay.s were scared.


  2. Admin Dale
    Jan 07, 2009 @ 18:57:01

    Happy New Year John!

    We just returned from Almagro. Fortunately, going out to the Island, there were no waves, as the boat was pretty crowded. But while we were there, a storm came through. We had to stay a few extra days until the boats were going again. Comming back was not too bad, but I did see a couple people getting splashed.

    Did you ever take the boat “Angie” to Sto Nino? Sometimes it would go there, and sometimes it would go to Almagro. That was one of the worst ones for getting wet. Even if the waves were not too large, they would splash up around the beams. I heard it has been sold to someone in Masbate now, but it is still going to Calbayog sometimes.


  3. sailorjohn
    Jan 08, 2009 @ 11:28:26

    Happy New Year Dale

    When you get the chance, can you email me so we can comms on my up coming trip for a meet.

    Take care


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