Holiday Safety

About 1 week ago, a house/business caught on fire, here in Calbayog. While I don’t know what caused that fire, I do know that every year there are many fires caused by faulty Christmas lights. This is the tropics, and it is both hot and humid. The plastic used for the Christmas lights is also cheap. If you reuse your lights from previous years, it is important to inspect them closely. Here is a picture of one of my old sets, that I, obviously, can not use.

Another common cause of fires at this time of year is fireworks. I remember one foreigner telling me about his experience in Cebu. It was New Years Eve, and many people were setting off fireworks. One rocket happened to land on a nipa roof, which quickly caught on fire. There was no time to call for a fire truck, as nipa burns very fast. Everyone grabbed any kind of container, and started throwing water on the fire. I think the house was pretty much destroyed, but at least it did not spread to the other houses.

I pray that this year everyone will be safety conscious, and there will not be a lot of unfortunate tragedy!


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