Salmonella in Samar

Looks like the southern portion of Samar Province is having a pig problem. In the past 2 months, 84 of Sta. Rita’s 8,900 pigs have died of Salmonella infection. Leo Cañeda, executive regional director of the Department of Agriculture, held a meeting in Tacloban on Friday, with some of Samar’s mayors and government agriculturists and veterinarians. A total of 750 pigs have been affected, but agriculture officials assure there is “no cause for alarm”.

There were also reports that Daram may have pigs with Salmonella infection, so an emergency response team was sent there, for a 2 day animal health mission. Sick pigs were treated, and information about dealing with salmonellosis was given out.

Check points have been set up around Sta. Rita, and also in Tacloban, Leyte, to help prevent the spread of this outbreak. Tacloban, the Region 8 Capital, is only 40 km away from Sta. Rita.

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