Brownouts return to Calbayog City

Capoocan, Calbayog City

Last night the electricity was off in Capoocan from 6pm to 9pm local time. When I called the Samelco substation, they said it was a “rotating” brownout from Napocor. This morning, the power is out in Brgy Central of Calbayog City. I contacted Samelco’s Capoocan substation again, and was told this is a national problem, and maybe it’s Napocor sending our power to Luzon.

A search in Google indicates the lack of power is because the water levels are still low in the nations hydro-electric dams. Even though we have been getting some rain in June, we are still feeling the effects of the El Nino. You can read more about the situation in Luzon at this ABS-CBN article, and for Cebu there is more info at this article.


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