Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship is for Filipinos who have acquired citizenship in another country, and would like to retain their Filipino citizenship. We include this topic on our site, as it applies to some spouses of expat’s. I would like to become a Philippino citizen, but only if I can keep my US Passport. Unfortuately, dual citizenship is not currently available for foreigners. I say this because I asked the last time I was at the main BOI office.

If you are a Filipino living outside the Philippines, your local Consulate General of the Philippines would be the place you would apply. Since I am from California, I will use the Consulate General of the Philippines in San Francisco as an example. Their page on Dual Citizenship has a FAQ, list of Requirements and Procedures and a downloadable Application Form. One thing I noticed, however, was that the form has specific wording for San Francisco, so, if that is not where you live, you will want to contact your local Consulate.

If you are already living in the Philippines, or unable to get information from your local Consulate, another excellent resource for information is the Dual Citizenship page on Gov.Ph. Here you can download an application form, read Republic Act No. 9225, as well as it’s Implementing Rules and Regulations, look at a checklist of Requirements, and read the Oath of Allegiance.

Some of the advantages of Dual Citizenship include the right to vote, acquire land, and reside in the Philippines without an entry visa.

Disclaimer: Expat2Phils is not in any way connected to the Government of the Philippines, nor are we lawyers. What we offer are personal experiences, not legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer!


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