Calbayog Airport

This page has information about the Airlines that fly in and out of the Calbayog’s Sabang Airport. Last updated August 2, 2009.


Cebu Pacific started flying to Calbayog City on February 18, 2009, making them our newest airline. Until now, their flights have been three times per week, but that will change soon. Beginning August 16, 2009, Cebu Pacific will offer daily flights between Terminal 3 of Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Calbayog’s Sabang Airport. That flight is scheduled to leave Manila at 6:10 am, and depart Calbayog at 7:55 am. They offer a special “Go Lite fare” that starts at P888. You can find up to date information at Cebu Pacific has their local office at Gomez Ext. (Pantalan), 055-209-3999, or 055-209-1363. The Western Union office on Gomez St., accross JD Avalino St. from the Pantalan, also sells Cebu Pacific tickets. Their numbers are: PLDT: 055-209-3045, or Globe: 055-533-9054. Below is a picture of their main office:

Analyn S. Amoquez


President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo visited Calbayog City for the inaugural flight of PAL Express, on July 15, 2008. You can read more on that story here. Since then, they have been flying daily. Currently they depart from Manila at 5:50 AM, arriving in Calbayog at 7:05 AM. Going from Calbayog to Manila, they depart at 7:25 AM, and arrive in Manila at 8:45 AM. Don’t forget you need to check-in at least 1 hour before take off. As always, this information is subject to change and availability, so check, for the latest information. You can also call their Calbayog office at: 055-209-2885 or 055-209-1881. Their office is located in the Pastoral Center on JD Avalino St. Here is a picture of their office crew:

May Ann Mendajor, Maricelle Basas, Jennyflor Lebres, Luiz Enriquez, Adonis Poloyapoy


Formerlly named Asian Spirit, this airlines has been here the longest. Their office is on Gomez Extension, also known as the Pantalan. As of July 23, 2009, Zest Air is scheduled to fly each Tue, Thur, and Sun. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they leave Manila at 10:40 am, arriving in Calbayog at 12 noon. Then they depart Calbayog at 12:20, arriving back in Manila at 1:40 PM. On Sunday’s they fly 20 minutes later. As best I can tell, their lowest one way fare to Calbayog is php 1,088. Please double check with Zest Air for current information. If you want to contact the local office, their PLDT number is: 0(55)-209-1364. You can also find up to date ticket and schedule information at: Here is a picture of their office crew. Sorry,  I forgot to get their names. There are a bunch of old style motorcycles at this office, if you are interrested to see them.

Zest Air office


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  2. sailorjohn
    Aug 19, 2011 @ 08:19:28


    Of the three airlines that fly out of Calbayog to Manila, which one in your opinion has the newest aircraft?

    We took Cebu on our last trip and they were great.

    We used the old Asian Spirit in 2006 I think. We also used them in the early 80’s unless it was another airline that did that route.

    We were not impressed with Asian as there rest room was over flowing on the floor.


    • Admin Dale
      Sep 19, 2011 @ 02:41:26

      At one time Asian Spirit was my favorite. They were the only one flying to Calbayog when I first moved there in 2006. Then they changed to Zest Air, and the others joined in. PAL/AirPhil Express, has the most flights, so I have used them the most. Cebu Pacific is an airline that I also like, but they don’t appear as committed to the Calbayog/Manila route. For many months, all their flights were cancelled, and they only re-started service to Calbayog in June, 2011. Personally, I wish Cebu Pacific would provide service between Calbayog and Cebu!


  3. brissydave
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 13:25:09


    I have used PAL, CEBU and Zest over the last 18 months and find no difference between them. Zest has more acceptable flight times but PAL has more flights so really depends on what suits your schedule.



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